Empress Falls, Sydney

Empress Falls, Sydney

This was my first adventure to landscape photographing(Early May 2014). I just got my filter gears a day before of the adventure and didn’t get any chance to play around with those before use. I even didn’t have any idea how to use those. Thanks to my friend Arfan Habib, who’s dedication of early rising and photographing beautiful landscape inspired me to start photographing landscape/seascape. He helped me on the spot to set up all the filters.

I was more excited to see the waterfalls and shoot with friends. We four friends started our journey at 4:30 AM in the morning towards Blue Mountains and reached there around 6 AM. We had to trek down about 145 meter(approx. 750 steps) to reach the those valleys(Empress Falls & Sylvia Falls). It was overcast day and drizzling. It was quite hard to shoot with fixing/set up gears and hold the umbrellas. We shoot there about 3 hours and covered both of the valleys. Sylvia Falls was just 5 min further walking down from Empress Falls. The best of all was, we had boiled egg and tea as a breakfast from natural water.

Angle: I found 2/3 suitable angles to capture the waterfalls.

If you like waterfalls, 100% recommended. If you want to do photography then, 200% recommended :)

Shot Details: D800, Nikon 24-70, CPL, .9 ND, Photoshop, ISO 200, F16, 30 Sec, 24mm

Location: Empress Falls- Blue Mountains National Park, Sydney, Australia. More info about the location

Parking: Parking available.

Walking: Approx. 30 min walking from parking. Stairs available.

Direction: Man made marks (Ribbons).

Coffee: Available- Conservation Hut (Above the valley, near parking)

Caution: Slippery when wet, narrow passage, too many steps to come back.