Sylvania Waters Jetty, Sydney

Sylvania Waters Jetty, Sydney

A private jetty located in Sylvania Waters, Sydney. This jetty can be accessed at anytime. There is also a small sandy beach around the jetty.

The Jetty is bit narrow in width. So be careful while stretching the tripod legs on the jetty. You also can see the Captain Cook Bridge on the other side of the jetty.

I found 2/3 different angles to shoot the jetty.

Shot Details: D800, Nikon 16-35, Reverse Grad, Photoshop , ISO 100, F8, 10 Sec @16mm

Location: Sylvania Waters, Sydney.

Parking: Available on Holts Point Pl.
Walking: Around 3 min walking from the parking.

Caution: Private Jetty. Also narrow in width.