Lotus Bay, Canberra

Lotus Bay, Canberra

This was my second landscaping photography. I didn’t spend much time on this as sun was already risen and I was struggling with what filter to use. Then I borrowed Reverse Grad from my friend and quickly took few photos. Later I had to work on Photoshop to make it presentable. Lotus Bay basically a lake and surrounded by mountains. Although I didn’t see direct sun from the spot. Anyway I still want to go there and take more photos from different angles.

Angle: I saw 2/3 different good spots to take pictures.

Shot Details: D90, Tokina 11-16, 0.9 Reverse Grad ND, Photoshop, ISO 200, F13, 2 Sec, 16mm.

Location: Lotus Bay, Canberra. More info about the location

Parking: Parking available

Walking: ~5 min walking